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Overnight on the TT Campgrounds

Assen and nearby are several campsites where the night may be at the TT.

House rules on the TT Campgrounds

It is always very nice campsites. But not everything is allowed. The campsite owners together with the municipality of Assen made a number of appointments. All visitors must comply with the agreed rules:


  1. Always follow the instructions of the site holder.

  2. Provided the campsite proprietor a campfire, this should only clean, dry wood in a freestanding or rack tons.

  3. Possessing, using and trading of hard and soft drugs is prohibited.

  4. Devices that cause danger or nuisance, are prohibited.

  5. Camping and parking is only within the specified subjects.

  6. The use of motorized vehicles is prohibited without a license and insurance.

  7. On the same site traffic regulations when on public roads.

  8. On the site must not be driven faster than 10 km / h.

  9. The use of fireworks, carbide and wish balloons is not allowed.

  10. Offensive or undesirable behavior is not allowed.


Violation of house rules can result in expulsion from the campsite by the campsite owner. Depending on the reason for removing the police can draw up a report and allows the municipality to impose a stay denial.